How Can You Streamline Decisions for the Home Buyer?



Time is money

How many times have we heard this adage? How does this play out in your business life?

In mine, it relates to the time I spend with my custom buyers on decisions for their new home. If you are a small builder, like me, you likely buy from vendors with nice showrooms. You either do not have the resources to have your own design studio, or you wish to have individual experts to show the latest products in a setting with a huge selection.

What if you had access to a “road map” for your clients to make decisions for their home?

This could act as a way to show how organized you are and to allow the buyer’s time to anticipate what you will expect from them for product choices. Most of my buyers are anxious about the home building process. Many want to make decisions that they will be comfortable with over time. Many want suggestions about trends and quality/price of a range of selections.

Most buyers are expected to make decisions so far in advance, and they hope their decisions look good when mixed together at the end. Many second guess themselves and need time to feel comfortable with their options.

What if you had a directory of your trade affiliates? What if this directory told your clients the decisions they would have to make and the order they would have to make them? How about showing the store details, website and personal contact that will allow the buyer to work on their decisions in a timeframe that makes the buyer happy with the process as well as the end product?

What if a Decisions guide had a way to help pay for itself?

Would your suppliers pay a nominal annual fee to have their store, people, and products displayed as your primary source? They certainly do in my market.

Does your flooring provider offer interior design service? Is that a complimentary service if you concentrate your work with that business? What if you asked your interior designer to (gasp) make exterior decisions as well. Would they welcome that chance to branch out and show the breadth of their capability? They certainly do in my market.

How can we help?

Let Builder Built show you how to organize your time. Let us show you how to increase customer satisfaction with the process as well as the finished product. Let us show you how to make our product pay for itself and increase your presence and differentiate yourself in your marketplace.

These techniques work for me and will work for you!

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