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How Can You Streamline Decisions for the Home Buyer?



Time is money

How many times have we heard this adage? How does this play out in your business life?

In mine, it relates to the time I spend with my custom buyers on decisions for their new home. If you are a small builder, like me, you likely buy from vendors with nice showrooms. You either do not have the resources to have your own design studio, or you wish to have individual experts to show the latest products in a setting with a huge selection.

New Customer Orientation: 12 Questions to Ask Your Buyer


Be prepared not scared. There is never a second chance to make a first impression.

When you meet a potential customer for the first time, many builders may be nervous. You know you have value to offer but imparting that to your customer may be uncomfortable for you. It’s not uncommon for builders to have risen through the ranks of task oriented work and not had much sales training. Timing and approach are extremely important in getting your message across.

5 Strategies for Securing Lots

5 Strategies for Securing Lots

While this may seem harsh, if you do not have access to lots, you are not a builder. I can speak to this from experience. Most of my buyers do not have a lot and will build with the builder that has the lot they want.

Unless you are fortunate enough to do only custom work on lots your customer has procured, you will eventually be asked by a buyer, “what lots to you have for me to choose from”?

New Construction Sales Pipeline

New Construction Sales Pipeline

If you are a small home builder, and let’s face it, most home builders in this country are, how do you build a buyer pipeline?

Get your real estate license

I might suggest that you consider getting your real estate license. While that may seem frightening to some, it is not that difficult. If you work under a local broker, it gives a symbiosis to the relationship. The broker may not have an in-house builder,