Give Your buyers a Better Experience and
Get More of Your Time Back!

Provide your home buyers with a guide that will take them through each decision they need to make. Direct them to each vendor and give them a clear timeline for their decisions.
Home Buyer's Deicision Guide

What Can the Decisions Guide Do For Your Business?

It will save you time.

The Decisions Guide will provide your buyers with a roadmap of things they need to know to start making decisions and product selections. They'll see the order in which decisions need to be made, with each one having its own due date. Each decision point will provide your buyers with local rep information, local and national website links, maps to vendor brick and mortar store, and even the product lines each vendor carries. Your buyers will be well equipped with everything they need to know!

Just imagine how much time you would get back by letting your website do this work for you!

It will increase your home buyer satisfaction.

The Decisions Guide allows your buyers to "shop" without your help to keep the build on schedule. The guide allows the homeowner to search your vendor's regional and national websites as well as visit their showrooms, unassisted by you. The Decisions Guide lays everything out for your buyer, relieving their stress and anxiety with the amount of decisions they need to make. This makes the process of building as enjoyable as the home itself!

You won't need a design studio.

You don't need to dedicate space in your office, to keep up with trends, limit your buyer choices, or spend significant amounts of time holding the hands of your buyers.

By using the Decisions Guide, your buyers can shop directly with your trade affiliates. They'll get to see the latest in product offerings with design help from the vendor's that you specify. Product choices are timely, and offerings are wide. By allowing your buyers to work directly with your affiliates, you ensure they will enjoy the building process as much as the home itself!

You can make your own updates. Anywhere, anytime.

The Decisions Guide is completely configurable by you, anytime you want.

As the builder, you have full control over who can see your Decisions Guide. When working with a buyer, you'll give them secure access to your Decisions Guide where they will log in and start the decision-making process, on their own time, not yours.